Dr. Emil Matus, Technical University Dresden, Germany


Tomahawk-2 MPSoC and Model-Driven Software Development


In order to cope with the scalability, performance and efficiency requirements of stand-alone next generation base stations (BS), wildly heterogeneous computing platforms with dynamic adaptation and reconfiguration capabilities are essential for system design. In contrast to this, cloud BS approaches preferring general purpose architectures are becoming attractive for some scenarios due to reasonable cost reduction by sharing resources of multiple BS and joint resource usage optimization. The big challenge in this regard is the programmability and mapping of applications for specific system arrangements. Moreover, the design consistency and reuse is of big importance. We present a model-driven software development approach addressing mentioned problems that has been developed as part of Tomahawk-2 platform. This methodology comprises i) domain-specific application description language enabling textual and/or graphical application description and ii) model transformation and code generation tools, allowing automated source code generation for specific APIs and runtime environment. In addition to this, code extensions can be supported that transparently reflect various test and deployment configurations. We compare this method with traditional software development and demonstrate advantages of proposed approach on Tomahawk-2 platform.


Dr. Emil Matus is senior scientist at Vodafone Chair Mobile Communication Systems where he is leading hardware research group. He received his MS and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from University of Technology in Kosice. Prior to joining Vodafone chair in 2003 he was research associate at University of Technology in Kosice focused on wavelet transform and image compression. His current research includes algorithms and communications signal processing many-core architectures. His research group introduced Tomahawk MPSoC architecture with efficient dynamic adaptation and scalability capabilities and advanced signal processing engines.

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