Prof. Gabriela Nicolescu, Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada


KyberSecurity, a platform for endpoints protection in cloud


In today's business environment, software security is imperative and the protection of the integrity of critical applications and data must take part in any organization's operations. Security becomes even more important with the adoption of cloud computing technologies. Despite a significant growth and advances in cloud adoption, security and data privacy remain the biggest concerns for users when migrating to a cloud-based IT delivery model. Cybercriminals may control some of the most important cloud computing platforms in existence today. These malicious for-profit cloud computing networks can run millions of infected computers that spread malware. Undetected attacks can steal enough computing power to bring down entire networks and businesses. Without preventive detection on networks, organizations continually run the risk of infection.
Antivirus and firewalls represent currently the most popular solutions to protect endpoints in the cloud. However, they only stopped 49% of malware in 2012. Experience showed that effective security requires approaches going beyond antivirus and firewall. The most recent examples are given by the recent intrusions in New York Times' network and FBI' network. Breaching firewall security layers is a matter of time. Even the security provider companies fail to prevent all attacks [x]. Moreover, highly protected organizations such as FBI are subject to successful attacks. In addition, with the adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) hackers gain easier access to vital information. Rogue applications which are inserted into the cloud as legitimate apps can take control over the entire cloud. Once inside the cloud, hackers compromise, inject malware into other applications, create false accounts, steal or even reverse engineer other applications residing in the cloud.
This reflects the obvious and common need for effective and robust solutions to protect and safeguard the integrity of applications and data. Applications inside the cloud must be protected against unauthorized modifications and/or access.
In answer to this need, we have defined and developed KyberSecurity, a platform that aims at protecting the integrity of endpoints in cloud, against automated and sophisticated attacks, by providing to application owners protection strategies directly in the binary application.


Gabriela Nicolescu obtained her MSc degree from Politechnica Bucharest and her PhD degree, in 2002, from INPG (Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble) in France. She has been working at Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal (Canada) since 2003, where she is a professor in the Computer and Software Engineering Department. Dr. Nicolescu's research interests are in the field of programming, modeling and simulation of advanced systems. She published five books and she is the author of more than hundred ar- ticles in journals, international conferences and of book chapters.

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