Emil Matus, Technical University of Dresden, Germany


Flexible MIMO Detection-Decoding Engine for 4G Wireless Systems


Future wireless communications receivers have to support sophisticated transmission techniques, especially enhanced multi-antenna detection (MIMO) and iterative forward error correction (FEC). The MIMO detection-decoding belong to the most computationally intensive parts of the receiver and so may reasonably affect overall cost figures in terms of area and power consumption. As the power efficiency becomes primary paradigm for designing modern base stations and terminals, scalable and highly efficient solutions enabling dynamic performance scalability and power management are of vital importance. In this talk, a chip implementation of heterogeneous multi-core acceleration subsystem comprising MIMO sphere detection and flexible FEC engine satisfying 4G requirements is presented.


Dr. Emil Matus is senior scientist at Vodafone Chair Mobile Communication Systems of TU Dresden where he is leading HW research group. He received his MS and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from University of Technology in Kosice. Prior to joining Vodafone chair in 2003 he was research associate at TU Kosice focused on wavelet transform and image compression. His current research interests include algorithms and architectures for communication signal processing.

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