Pierre Paulin, STMicroelectronics, Canada


Platform 2012: A Multi-Processor Platform Ecosystem


In this talk we will present the Platform 2012 multi-processor fabric and its emerging ecosystem:

  • Support for multiple platform programming models (PPM):
    • OpenCL: Standard PPM for S/W-based platform variants
    • Native Programming Model (NPM): A flexible, open source component-based
      environment and runtime for PPM experimentation.
    • Predicated Execution Data Flow (PEDF), for mixed HW-SW platform variants
  • Application library, integrated in OpenCV and Android environments
  • Programming-model aware debug and trace tools
  • Support for multiple simulation platforms
    • Posix-based functional and performance model
    • High-level TLM platform
    • TLM performance model
    • Development boards
We will draw some first lessons on the use of this platform by PO2012 Ecosystem members.


Dr. Pierre G. Paulin is director of System-on-Chip Platform Automation at STMicroelectronics, Ottawa, Canada. He is responsible for the platform programming tools of a large-scale multi-processor SoC fabric in ST. Previously, he was director of Embedded Systems Technologies for ST in Grenoble, France. Before this, he managed embedded software tools and high-level synthesis R&D with BNR, the research lab of Nortel Networks. His research interests include design automation technologies for multi-processor systems, embedded systems and system-level design. He obtained a Ph.D. from Carleton University, Ottawa, and B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from Laval University, Quebec. He won the best presentation award at DAC in 1986, and won the best paper award at ISSS-Codes in 2004. His paper on Force-directed scheduling for high-Level synthesis was chosen in 1988 for the DAC compendium of the most influental papers over a 25 year period. He is a member of the IEEE.

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