Peter Stokes, CMC, Canada


Embedded Systems Canada: Printed and Programmable Microsystems;
We Are Giving It A Try


Programmability is a key element of the Embedded Systems Canada project, a Canada-wide initiative involving platform-based microsystems design and prototyping environments to enable, stimulate, and extend nation-wide university research leading to rapid commercialization, publication, and training of highly qualified personnel within a national and international multi-disciplinary research environment. The brief presentation will provide an overview of the project including some of the research enabled. These involve programmable microelectronics, hardware/software microsystem validation platforms, and rapid prototyping via techniques such as printed electronics.


Peter Stokes is Director, CFI Projects at CMC Microsystems. His current role is project manager of the $50M Embedded Systems Canada project, emSYSCAN, a nation-wide initiative that provides platform-based microsystems design and prototyping environments for multidisciplinary research. He has 25 years of experience working with microsystems researchers in Canadian universities and industry. Key contributions have been in the areas of research support, methodology development, semiconductor manufacturing operations and as project manager for the $22M System-on-Chip Research Network, SOCRN. Prior to CMC, Peter worked at Novatel with the cellular telephone engineering group and at DIPIX Technologies in hardware design for digital imaging via satellite. Peter is an Electronics Engineering Technologist, has an MBA from Queen's University and is a member of the IEEE.

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