Sponsored by IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, EDAA, and IST in the frame of IST project REASON (IST - 2000 - 30193)
Organized by Ahmed A. Jerraya, TIMA Laboratory, Grenoble, France &  Wayne H. Wolf, Princeton University, Princeton, USA

Application-Specific Multi-Processor SoC

8 - 12 July 2002, Château de Pizay, France

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New: Lecture slides now available

The principal objective of this course is to study the emerging areas of Application-Specific Multi-Processor System-on-Chip (SoC). The main idea is to gather key R & D people from the different domains required to master this new kind of systems where designers have to integrate more than one instruction set processor on a single chip, these may include DSPs and microcontrollers. Typical applications are wireless, image processing, XDSL, network processors and game computers.

The 5-day course is organized as a set of 9 half-day sessions including each 3 tutorials that give comprehensive presentations of state-of-the-art research in academia and advanced practices from industry. This course is a unique occasion to listen to more than 20 top world-class professors in the 5 key areas required for the training of next-generation SoC designers.

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