MPSoC'16 will be held on
July 11-15, 2016
at Nara Hotel
Nara, Japan Nara Hotel01 Nara Hotel03


Multicore and multiprocessor SoC (MPSoC) started a new computing era but brought a twofold challenge: building HW easy to use by SW designers and building SW that fully exploits HW capabilities. The main domains addressed at MPSoC Forum are related to adapting HW and SW for better cost, performances and energy efficiency of next generation computing systems. Emerging SW and HW design technologies and architectures combined with advanced semiconductor manufacturing technologies are explored to build energy efficient Manycore and many IP architectures serving advanced computing (image, vision, and cloud) and distributed networked systems.


MPSOC is an interdisciplinary forum bringing together key R&D actors from the different fields required to design Multicore and multiprocessor HW and SW systems. The program brings together experts in major HW and SW architectures (Processor, Memory, I/O, Interconnect, RTOS, GFX, Virtualization, application-(domain) specific acceleration & system architectures), design technologies (parallel programming, rapid prototyping, system design models and tools) and emerging semiconductor technologies (heterogeneous integration, 3D, photonics) to build next-generation thinking that will bridge the gap between HW and SW. More than 50 world class R&D speakers will discuss fundamental and strategic issues to master Software-defined Hardware for energy-efficient and high-performance computing.
The program includes keynotes on major HW and SW trends and technical sessions to present strategic directions and state-of-the-art research. The 5-day program will also include in-depth technology challenge presentations and short keynotes followed by insightful panels. All the talks will be given by CTO-level speakers from Industry and world class professors from Academia.

Why attend:

Thanks to its full week format and the high quality of both attendees and speakers, MPSOC is a unique opportunity for executives and senior managers to explore new ideas and refine strategic thinking. MPSOC is the single best event in the world that brings together so many leading thinkers on the future of HW and SW design. It enables great informal networking and interactions with experienced, distinguished researchers and top academic and industrial experts. It builds bridges between different technical areas and corporations/institutes/ countries. Finally, it is a unique environment for anyone who wants to share knowledge with researchers and key managers from industry.


For registration before May 15, the fee amounts to 1400 USD for regular attendees, 1190 USD for IEEE and EDAA members, to 790 USD for Speakers. Each speaker is allowed to invite Junior attendee (student or engineer) with a fee of 790 USD. It will cover the documentation, the lunch for five days, dinner for four days including the social dinner.

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