9th International Forum on Embedded MPSoC and Multicore
2-7 August 2009, Savannah, Georgia, USA


Testimonials by previous MPSoC attendees:

  • It was a unique opportunity to meet so many of the world top researchers and communicate with them in person in addition to enjoying the high quality program of the conference, and last but not least, of course the very rich social programs.

  • I very much enjoyed the experience.  While the emphasis of the conference is somewhat different from my daily work, I think our areas have a lot in common and share a bright future. I found the talks interesting and informative and relevant to my own work. The setting for the conference was beautiful with the gardens in the back and the ocean in front. The food was great, especially the dinners were real treats. The outings added a lot.

  • This year's conference was very useful with high quality of papers, interesting attendees and a unique venue for the conference.  This is the most interesting technical conference that I get to attend.  Will be back next year.

  • The combination of people, content and setting is absolutely remarkable.  More relationships and ideas get formed in those few days than in a month of doing anything else. MPSOC is the single best event in the world to bring together the leading thinkers on the future of SOC design. The confluence of academic and industrial perspectives and hardware and software perspectives is unlike other conferences, seminars and exhibitions.

  • The MPSOC conference was one of the most informative meeting I have ever attended. I like the fact that most Principal Investigator presented the research themselves, and that panels and discussions were animated by many ideas and proposals. I look forward to MPSOC04.

  • Open atmosphere combined with the high quality presentations. This is not "yet another conference", it gives the opportunity to meet senior research people in a very open atmosphere.
    The technical sessions, presented by real experts in the field, and with plenty of time to interact with these experts. Looking forward to an excellent technical program, with lots of interactions, in a great setting. 
  • At MPSOC'03 I liked best the interaction between the speakers, and the fact that they gave high-level overviews, yet with technical contents, rather than deep technical details. 

  • Breadth and depth of the topics are covered.  Also the location was super. Learning both basic and trendy materials, and building bridges among different technical topical areas and corporations/institutes/countries.

  • MPSoC'03 was an exceptional opportunity to acquire the knowledge about state-of-the-art SoC's and to meet the leading specialists in this area. You will get the hottest information about the very recent trends in MPSoC designing and manufacturing
  • Great informal networking with top experts in multi processor SoCs, from academia as well as industry. 
    The best thing about MPSoC'03 was the range of experienced and distinguished researchers that could meet at the same place at the same time, sharing their knowledge with others. Also, the location where the meeting took place was very much unique. Anyone who wants to share knowledge with researchers and people from industry in a unique environment should participate in MPSoC'04. 

  • It was the best chance to meet the big family of embedded system engineers and to learn more about the solutions proposed in the SoC design. Moreover, the high level of organization and the beautiful landscapes make MPSOC a summer school that anyone would like to attend. MPSOC Summer School is the best possibility to find out what are the questions concerning the embedded system community and how you can answer them. It is a very good opportunity to meet research teams from all over the world involved in the design of SoC architectures. 

  • What I liked best at MPSOC'03 was that I could meet many people, both from academia and industry, who have much more experience in SOC than I.

  • MPSOC'03 was perhaps a unique event based exceptionally on tutorials for a wide MPSOC design community (Ph.D. students, researchers, teachers, designers) where guru (experts) were collected together to provide discussions on different (holistic) aspects of MPSOC: technological trends, currently ongoing projects, managerial issues in the domain, etc.

  • The best in MPSOC'03 was the fact that this summer school gathers the leading researchers who present the latest breakthrough and the future research topic in the domain of Multi Processors System On Chip. Moreover it is possible during one week to speak with them about this topic.