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WELCOME RECEPTION: Sunday 10 July - 20.30 - at Relais de Margaux

 Monday July 11  
 Tuesday July 12  
Wednesday July 13
 Thursday July 14
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Digital Media The New Frontier for Supercomputing
Lisa Su, VP, Technology Development and Alliances, IBM Systems and Technology Group, Hopewell Junction NY, USA

Session 1: From Networking to Network-on-Chip

Wayne Burleson, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA

Martina Zitterbart, University of Karlsruhe, Germany

Session 5: MPSoC: Theory & Practices

Donald S. Fussell, The University of Texas at Austin, USA

Jean-Pierre Tual, Axalto, France

Drew Wingard, CTO, Sonics Inc. USA

Session 9: Beyond SoC Practices

André DeHon, California Institute of Technology, USA

Paolo Ienne, EPFL, Switzerland

Olivier Franza, Intel, USA

Business Session B1: Design Methods Trends

Heinrich Meyr, Coware Inc., USA

Pieter van der Wolf, Philips Research Laboratories, The Netherlands

Hiroto Yasuura, Kyushu University, Japan





Nomadik: an MPSoC solution for advanced Multimedia
Alain Artieri, Director of Engineering, Application Processor and Portable Platforms Division, ST, Grenoble France

Session 2: Network-on-Chip

Luca Benini, DEIS, University of Bologna, Italy 

Marcello Coppola, ST, France

Alain Fanet, Arteris, France

Kees Goossens, Embedded Systems Architectures on Silicon group, Philips Research, The Netherlands

Yervant Zorian, Virage Logic, USA

Session 6: Technologies for MPSoC

Rafael Peset Llopis, Philips, The Netherlands

Rudy Lauwereins, IMEC, Belgium

Steven P. Levitan, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Vijaykrishnan Narayanan, Pennsylvania State U., USA

Roy Emek, IBM Research Laboratory in Haifa, Israel

Session 10: Programming Models for MPSoC

Ahmed Jerraya, TIMA Laboratory, France

Jan Madsen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Gabriela Nicolescu, Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada

Yuriy Sheynin, St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, Russia

Yankin Tanurhan, Actel Corporation, USA

Business Session B2: Business Models for MPSoC

Moderator: Richard Goering, Managing editor, EDA, EE Times, USA

Raul Camposano, Sr. VP, GM and CTO, Synopsys, USA

Santanu Dutta , nVIDIA Corporation, Digital Media Processor Group, USA

Youn-Long Steve Lin, National Tsing Hua U.& Global Unichip, Taiwan

Philippe Magarshack, FTM Group Vice-President, STMicroelectronics, France

Ulrich Ramacher, Infineon Technologies AG, Germany

Discussion with the lecturers of the session
Discussion with the lecturers of the session
Discussion with the lecturers of the session
Discussion with the lecturers of the session
12.00 Discussion with keynote speakers

Tutorial Session T1: MPSoC: HW Challenges

Reliability and design of SoCs for reliability
Giovanni De Micheli, EPFL, Switzerland

Configurable Core Generation for Multi-Processor SoC
Masaharu Imai, Osaka University, Suita, Japan


Session 3: The CELL Architecture

Ted Maeurer, IBM, Austin, USA

Dac C. Pham, IBM, Austin, USA

Session 7: HW & SW Programming for MPSoC

Beatrice Fu, Tensilica Inc., USA

John Glossner, CTO & EVP, Sandbridge Technologies Inc., USA

Kees Vissers, Xilinx, USA

Session 11: Core Based Design Environments

Masataka Matsui, Toshiba Corp., Japan

Kazutoshi Wakabayashi, NEC Corp., Japan

Vojin Zivojnovic, ARM Inc., USA






Tutorial Session T2: MPSoC: SW Challenges

Foundations for Model-Based Design
Janos Sztipanovits, ISIS-Vanderbilt University, USA

Software-Centric System-Level Design
Hiroaki Takada, Nagoya University, Graduate School of Information Science, Japan

Session 4: MPSoC Platforms

Rolf Ernst, TU Braunschweig, Germany

Takao Nishitani, Kochi University of Technology, Japan

Pierre G. Paulin, ST, Ottawa, Canada

Tajana Simunic Rosing, UC San Diego, USA

Norbert Wehn, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

Session 8: Application of Programming Models

John Goodacre, ARM, UK

Mark Lippett, Ignios Ltd., UK

Philippe Kajfasz, Thales, Land and Joint Systems, France

Kazuaki Murakami, Kyushu University, Japan

Srivaths Ravi, NEC Laboratories America, USA


Session 12: Application for Core Based Design

Steffen Buch, Infineon Technologies AG, Germany

Trevor Mudge, University of Michigan, USA

Frédéric Pétrot, TIMA Laboratory, France

Hannu Tenhunen, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Wayne Wolf, Princeton University, USA

Discussion with the lecturers of the session
Discussion with the lecturers of the session
Discussion with the lecturers of the session
Discussion with tutorial speakers
Participants' presentation